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Hilda's Family Daycare   

About Hilda's Daycare
Hilda's Daycare is a licensed family-based daycare operating in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. Since opening in 1990 and becoming licensed in 1992 I have treated every child like they were a part of my family. All the children have the opportunity to participate in multiple activities such as gymnastics, music, the library and field trips.The facility is located on a quarter acre of land enclosed and completely secured. We have lots of outdoor equipment and toys so that all the children have multiple choices for play with each other or by themselves.
​I have four primary tenets that I operate under:
[1] Knowledge - In addition to my years of experience I have taken a large number of courses through the years put on by various professional organizations. Many of these courses are credits from the Early Childhood Education programs. Programs such as nutrition, child development (physical and psychological), dealing with difficult children and nutrition plus many more.
[2] Consistency - children require a combination of rules and freedom to act and grow. Surrounding those two situations is consistency of application so that everyone understands exactly what those rules and freedoms are. 
[3] Love - everyone requires love, most especially children. Children will bloom in a loving environment.
[4] Time - the children need time with me as their caregiver, with the other children and for themselves.
Hilda Hoyes, Owner
I was a registered midwife working in a major hospital in Manila Philippines for 8 years. After that I was an au-pair in Paris France for 6 years. I then immigrated to Canada in 1988 as an au-pair then got married and started taking care of children in 1990. I became licensed in 1992. Have taken numerous professional professional courses including ECE.
Committed to helping your children grow into vibrant and involved youths and adults.